Is it just us?

It's hard to collaborate right? 

What is hypergraphic writers workshop?

We are a workshop for young LGBTQ+ identified writers 21-40 years old. What we offer is a non-traditional workshop in the peer-to-peer style.

Here at Hypergraphic we have noticed a lack of literary spaces in NYC that are expressly Queer. They most certainly exist but we wanted to add to that landscape. We are attempting to build a safe space. A space that allows those who identify under this great alphabet of the Queer acronym, to freely showcase their own work without bias and judgement. It is our goal to create new narratives, empower and celebrate the voices of our community.

What does that mean? We are not writing coaches, we are not teachers. We, like you, are young writers in New York. Together we edit, give feedback and constructive criticism with the goal of encouraging you to do your best work.  

What does Hypergraphic mean?

Hypergraphia is a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write. It is also known as the Midnight Disease.We are by no means making light of a mental condition, but as writers sometimes the compulsion for the written word is intense and beyond our control. We have to write. We must write. It is as if the very act is intrinsic to our being. 

Hypergraphia hopes to connect with writers that eat and breathe the written word. We want to curate a group of writers who are motivated and excited to workshop together in order to better each other. Writing can be a solitary act. Lets break that solitude and get our work out there in the world. 

How Does it work?


We request submissions – we aim to curate the group for maximum collaborative potential and support.

Over the eight weeks of the workshop all participants will be required to come with a new piece each week so that we can really provide individualized attention for participants. Every session we will collectively focus on three to four individual pieces. Also, all work will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive prior to each meeting and everyone is expected to come to every session with notes and feedback in writing.

By the end of the eight weeks, it is our intention to ensure that everyone has a number of finished and polished stories that they are proud of, and yes, practically speaking, that can be used to submit to residencies, grad programs, etc. Shortly after the eight week workshop there will be a ninth session where we celebrate together and with other writers and mentors. At that time a zine featuring at least one work per participant will be printed and distributed. We are also working on organizing a reading of works, TBD, bare with us.